Peak Horizons Product Suite

PEAK II LITE With most all of the functionality of our Core Product, Peak Lite has been configured to provide all of our great scheduling and billing features for a single station billing entity. In consulting several prospective clients, many of them were comparing just our starting price with other "radio" based systems. Most of them were DOS based! From this we realized the need for a low cost system that was advanced and based on current (Windows) operating systems. Peak Lite is customized from our Flagship product Peak II, the 5th generation of our original Traffic & Billing that was in over 100 stations and is still in use by some today.


PEAK II STANDARD EDITION Our Standard Edition is a slightly more advanced version of Peak Lite that provides for a couple of stations and a few more robust features. Backfill order management and multiple version (multiple cart) management are just 2 of the features included in this version. Most all of the billing features of Peak II are offered along with a few more reports. This is clearly the choice for having it all without paying for it! While still hundreds less than comparable systems, all of the features with some additions make Standard Edition the next step in your path to the paperless station.


PEAK II GOLD With a pedigree of over 22 years in the industry and being the 5th generation of our Traffic and Billing Software, Peak II Gold is perhaps the most mature software product ever offered to the industry as a new introduction. Several years have been invested developing almost every feature that a broadcaster could ever dream of in our state of the art software. We not only manage the traffic and billing, we have designed Peak II to provide for managing your program content. By integrating the ordering and scheduling of traditional style traffic with advanced content based selling capability, we have perhaps the most seamless and comprehensive system ever developed. Just the ability to manage spots was not enough for us and should not be enough for you in your quest for tools in assisting you run your broadcast operation. Peak II is the very tool that will open up inventory and increase productivity while simplifying operation and ease of use.


PEAK II DIAMOND Our Diamond version is based upon Peak II Gold. Our Showmaker module is the addition that turns our package into a diamond. It provides for putting together local program shows with dynamic segments. It is a powerful tool to enable a director to assemble multiple shows with desired segments and then takes care of the details. It loads unique avails of commercials and makes them fit in the desired program block and then provides for the loading to video insertion automation or master control.


PEAK II PLATINUM Peak II Platinum is our all-inclusive Gold or Diamond version that is configured for multiple stations and multiple users. When you reach this level in product offering, a custom solution based upon your individual situation will be offered bringing you to the Platinum level. It will become obvious that we have the most expansive offering that is priced affordably. When you compare features of what we can accomplish with our Windows based product line with even main frame based services and offerings, you will be amazed at just what this "little" system can replace. With Peak II, all of the necessary features are there but if you look a little further, we do so much more with our next generation software than any of the older larger systems.


PEAK II NUGGETS Just a few of the nuggets that are currently available include: Music / Video Content Management and scheduling, Trax Sales Content and Prospect Management, Task Scheduling. Planned modules are currently being developed for Engineering Data Repository, Production Management, Sports Stats, Web Data Exchange, Audience Survey and Research, and even our 25 year old Accounting system that got us started in the software business.