Peak Horizons Client Support


SUPPORT PLANS Each of our support plans has been designed to provide exactly at the level of assistance and assurance that our individual Clients need and at a afforadable value to each of them!!



INTERNET SUPPORT Our FREE plan is provided for our LITE version and provides for answering client questions via email and web site support. A perfect solution to keep the cost of using a professional product within the budget of the less demanding Clients. Software Updates and enhancements are not included in this plan.


PER INCIDENT SUBSCRIPTION Our newest plan provides for having our immediate assistance and only having to pay for the time that is used. New incidents need only be purchased after having used the pre-purchased incidents. While not as inexpensive as 24/7, per incident allows Clients to control their Support costs and budget for assistance.


24/7 This monthly fee is required for some version of our software and assures the Client that they are always protected. Any product maintainence updates are always free with discounts included for any further optional enhancements or Nuggets.