Peak Horizons Broadcast Solutions

LOW POWER TELEVISION Most of the last year has been spent customizing many features that have been specifically designed for the Low Power Television market. Great features that enable stations to maximize the inventory, particularly repeat airings of locally produced programs and being able to sell all of the programs with different commercials, has truly enabled stations to pay for the product with this one feature alone.


BROADCAST TELEVISION Being able to handle pre-emptions, being able to sell and schedule orders based upon prime time or specific program content, and our Content Programming Management leads the list of television episode management features that are included in our Gold product. Combine this with blending network based and Satellite delivery insertion content and you have least expensive, most full featured choice providing for Optimal Television Broadcast Management.


BROADCAST RADIO Peak II is the Windows based version of our fifth generation software product for Radio Broadcasters. With a pedigree of over 100 stations and 22 years of T & B, we have included every user feature that we have ever developed for operator usefulness and ease of operation. Our solid scheduling program delivers the finest horizontal and vertical rotation of spots ever programmed. With new solutions for rotating media and more powerful template scheduling, our cutting edge features for sports programming and specialty sponsorships cannot be matched. After an admittedly long absence while we have developed the advanced program, Peak is back and ready to be the best Traffic again!


CABLE INSERTION ADVERTISING Three different solutions to how we provide scheduling and billing for Cable Advertising are sure to cover just how you might be selling and operating your location. Post ROS exact times, Limited Playlist Scheduling, and Full Content Capability, are all designed to match your level of sophistication. For up to 10 channels per site, we can apply our knowledge of Traffic to assist in getting agency buys and opening up significantly more inventory by expanding past the restricted ROS only mentality. We can flexibly apply different strategies for different times and seasons, enabling you to maximize your sales potential.