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Welcome to Peak Horizons

This is where you will find the most complete and most innovative software that has ever been produced for the professional broadcaster!! Our Complete soloutions for Low-Power Television, Television, Radio Stations and Cable Advertisers was designed and written specificlly for Broadcasters. From Traffic and Billing to Complete Episode Segment Management to Music Video Content. We have it All Covered.


We invite you to look at the product. Learn about our Features. Check out our prices. We Welcome the Opportunity to Show you the Finest Suite of Software Designed for Broadcasters.


We have spent the last 4 years doing Feature Additions and expanding the product to a level that is worthy of our having been in the industry for over 22 years!


For all of your Broadcasting Software - The Only choice once was and is now again - Peak Horizons

Breaking News

Peak II is now being converted to a new Client Server - Nexus DB - and the availability or resurrection of our whole product line - We Are Alive Again!!