WHY Peak Horizons ?? --

We have a half dozen reasons why we would like you to consider Peak Horizons products for your broadcast operation. Some of the very criticisms that we encounter are also, we believe, some of our strengths.


First - Yes, we are small. We choose to remain small as far as company size. We are intimately involved and are committed to "our" collective future. For our client's piece of mind, we have disaster backup plans in place in case of any disability or incapacitation of a current principal. We are committed to Peak Horizons being a perpetually viable company.


Second - Our products are of the finest design and quality. In software, the product is the program on the disk and the design and programming behind them that work. Others can have no argument with our product.


Third - Peak Horizons is not just a new startup company. Though we are small (see First above), our original product has proven ultra reliable in solid service for over twenty years. Our new version of PEAK II has great roots!


Fourth - We have always written our products from our user's point of usage. We have even managed a station for a year to learn and develop ORE. One of the most impressive credentials of the new system is that every line of code of every module in PEAK II was designed and completed by one person. We have also listened to and included years of usage and support of our favorite people, our clients, and credit them the assist.


Fifth - Our Products Work. They work well. They are Dependable. They perform the desired function for a fair value. We care about our products and that translates into caring about you and your product. By providing you with a great tool, we know that this will give you the freedom to do what you do best - Broadcasting.


Sixth - We want you to be successful in your business so that we can be successful in ours. That places you, our client, with us at the pinnacle of business.


Peak Horizons is your best choice. Choose wisely.